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Serum Mascara Combo

The Keratin Serum and Mascara combo strengthens and repair your lashes in between lash lift & tint treatment.

The Keratin in this keratin serum and mascara gives a clear plush gloss to your lashes. The main component is keratin, which coats each eyelash, improves lash structure and solves different problems.


Restores Your Lashes

Keratin restores lash structure, ensures healthy lash growth, it will repair the lash structure (bonds cuticles) Restore and nourish your lashes, keep your lashes less dehydrated and fragile. Use it also as a primer daily before your black mascara. It will keep the lift and tint you just got in better condition, and it definitely will give you a better results for the lash lifting treatment. It will protect your lashes from the effects of the sun, wind, water.


Our Serum Mascara Combo will:-

Contribute to the growth of your lashes and prevent them from falling out.

Make your lashes more flexible and shiny.

And YES it’s been known to assist with growing and restoring eyebrows


Serum - Evening

Growth Serum boosts lash growth from the hair folicles.  All new lashes will grow in perfect conditions and become stronger in their natural renewal cycle

  1. Wash and cleanse face and lashes
  2. Apply serum on lash roots top and bottom lashes
  3. Wait for it to dry – 5 minutes, before applying night creams to face


Keratin Growth Serum – this is a naturally occurring protein that is believed to help in strengthening the hair shaft and making hair more resilient. This action is what allows for eyelashes that are treated with serums that contain keratin to live longer and achieve greater length. They also help to smoothen out the shaft and allows for better shine. You will achieve healthier looking lashes with a keratin infused eyelash growth serum.


Nourish Mascara – Morning

Nourish Mascara has a dual purpose.  One it supports lashes to look lush, and another  keeps boosting lash growth for longer fuller and healthier lashes

  1. Wash and cleanse face and lashes
  2. Apply moisturiser to face
  3. Apply mascara to all lashes
  4. Wait for it to dry – 5 minutes, before applying normal black mascara over


Keratin  Nourish mascara. Great for nourishing your lashes and giving them a fabulous glossy finish. Keratin promotes lashes growth and protein strengthen your lashes. It's truly all in one products. Highly recommend to use after your Ultimate Lash Keratin Lash Lift treatment and achieve beautiful results. 



Aqua, Hydrolized Keratin, Hydroxyethel Cellulose, Radish root extract